Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How God Can Use the Discussion of Gay Marriage

 How God uses gay marriage!

What do we do when facing a myriad of ethical choices that go against the Word of God?

How do we focus our mind, and process behaviors?

Things do not happen haphazardly with God!  We can be certain that through His sovereign nature, there is something to be learned, and something we as believers can grow through in this topic of gay marriage.

Here’s my thoughts…

First, when faced with those that support gay marriage, I immediately explore …MY position in Christ:

I understand that I was born in sin like everyone else.  The only difference in my position, and the unbelievers position, is that Jesus saved me and transformed me from a position controlled by sin, to one controlled by God.  Before my salvation, I was lost and void of any judgment that would let me live a life honoring to God.  If it were not for Christ, and the Bible to which I am to live by, I might as well support homosexual relationships, and marriage, because humanly speaking I would love for all people to be “happy” and express themselves in whatever fulfills their pleasure.  However, because of my position as redeemed, saved, and now a follower of Christ, I am now required to use the Bible as my standard to judge all behavior.

Before we go into other people’s behavior, let’s take a moment and view our position.  Are we in sin? Have we experienced the forgiveness of Christ for our sin?  

If the only grounds we have to “disagree” with homosexuality and gay marriage is that we don’t “feel the same way” as them, then I would recommend a straightway trip to the Word of God; for it is only Christ who separates us from sin, and we are to view this topic according to the Bible.  

Second, I think about the position of the one’s to whom I disagree:

Meaning, I look at where the person is, and can be, that supports homosexuality, and gay marriage.  I understand they need salvation.  For, were it not for grace, I would support any union that brings “happiness”.  Were it not for the Bible, I would not be concerned that people find “fulfillment” in the arms of someone of the same gender. 

Once salvation takes place, and the belief in the Bible is asserted, only then will a proper view of homosexuality become reality.  My interest in discussing any sort of standard to the support of homosexuality and gay marriage is the same regarding any sin…it’s to share the gospel that brings salvation…and proper understanding of how we are to live our life.

Therefore, we must make sure we are living in such a way that we are not a hindrance to the speaking of the gospel.  We must make sure we are living a godly life so that, as Paul said, when we speak the gospel, we are not disqualified because of our ungodly lifestyle.

Third, and finally, I view the potential Position of those supporting homosexuality and gay marriage:

Jesus gave us great examples in scripture of people struggling with sin, and how He dealt with them.  He dealt with an adulterer in John 8:1-11; a wicked tax collector in Luke 18:10; a harlot in John 4; a prostitute in Luke 7:37.

Ultimately, we are to view others that we disagree with  (such as homosexuality and gay marriage) with a view of their potential end…which is one of a forgiven child of God…which will only come if we share the gospel to them with love…as Christ did in the examples above!

So, to recap:

1. Let’s view our position in Christ and realize that we are forgiven

          2. Let’s understand the position of those supporting gay marriage, and homosexuality, and pray for  their salvation! 

      3. Let’s live and reach out to them understanding that the power of God can overtake them, and they (as you and I) can be forgiven, and live as a child of God! 

      Any discussion of gay marriage, and homosexuality can help us refocus our minds on God, and renew our hearts to love others!

      Yes! God can use the discussion of gay marriage for His glory!


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