Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Balance Between Living and Planning

We tend to think of life as a journey!  The potential problem arises when we are more focused on where we may BE one day, and not taking the time to enjoy where we are NOW.

How do we balance the need to plan for the future with the enjoyment of the present?

How do we balance the need to be somewhat systematic in things with the life-bringing element of spontaneity?

Let’s look at a few precepts of scripture, and then I’ll give some of my personal advice…for those who might care:)

First, let’s look at the idea of Planning:

Proverbs 21:5    Hasty behavior will bring poverty
Proverbs 16:3    Commit our works to God…He will establish our steps

Ok, so we see good reasons to plan…

But wait, there’s more:

Proverbs 19:21  Man makes many plans, BUT God’s plan will always win!
James 4:13-15   Tells us that we should exalt the will of God as our priority. 
If God will, we will do this or that.

So, should we plan?

We should first sacrificially present ourselves to God.

Romans 12:1 tells us to commit our bodies as a living sacrifice to God. 

This is the whole being:

We are to mortify every personal, fleshly desire we have:
This implies that we may still want to do certain things
This implies that our PLANS may not be from a pure heart.             

We are to present ourselves to God fully, and must be willing to put away our plans, even if they appear to be wise plans.

When planning, first present yourself to God, and begin the process by being willing to NOT DO what you PLAN, or WANT to do!

We should accept a path that may not be our “natural” first choice
Sometimes we find ourselves doing things that God has called us to do, and if we are honest with ourselves, we would not have picked that path. 

We need to be willing to do things that our natural desires would otherwise not have us do.

Here is something important to understand!

Our calling may not be what WE THINK we are good at!

Get that?  We think we are good at a certain occupation, or whatever you want to fill in the blank…Our calling may be something that when we look back on our “career” which God has called us to…we simply must say…Only God!  Only God could have done this, or that!
What a great place to be!  Doing something that only God could orchestrate, because our “talents” may not have accomplished it!

We should allow God to plant desires within our hearts

Proverbs 16:3 says to commit our works to the Lord, and our thoughts will be established.

                Commit = “to roll”
                                We are to “roll up” our works, and submit them to God. 
                Works = our “actions/behaviors/occupation”
                                Everything about us (and the things we plan for) is to be given over to our God
                Thoughts = “imagination, invention, PLAN”
When we submit all of who we are (work, play, thoughts) to God, what we imagine in our minds and hearts…what we plan for in the future will be…
                Established = “right, stable, firm, perfect”

How do we know that our planning is balanced?

1.       Sacrifice your full being to the worship of God
2.       Live today, tomorrow will come and you just might wish you had today back
3.       Make everything about you…about God
4.       Plan, but live today as if it may be your last
5.       Don’t just go after what you are good at, go after what God is good at…and let Him use you
6.       Live your life in a way that you can only say…God did it!

Just some thoughts?

What do you say?

Leave your comments!!


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