Sunday, June 14, 2015

Who is in your way?

Who is in your way?

We should have methods to our day!  We should clearly understand these methods, even if part of the method is living spontaneously (which is a method).

The worst thing we can do is to not make plans, goals, etc.  Even worse, is to not know when our goals and daily agendas are being attacked by outside forces…therefore, not being able to accomplish them.  

I.e.: goal to work out in the morning.  Morning comes, and you sleep through your alarm.  You ask why did not get a workout in.

Goal:  Work out in the morning
Attack: You slept through your alarm
Reason:  You don’t know because you didn’t think about your goals being attacked.

However, if we were to budget our time and understand what is going on with our time, we would look back and realize that the Facebook should have been turned off earlier, the show you got into should have been recorded for later, the late-night snack should have been avoided, and you should have gotten in bed earlier…which would most likely allowed for your goal of getting up and working out to be accomplished.

You with me?

Now, let’s look at that in our spiritual lives.
What was “in the way” of our physical goal was bad choices.  

What is in the way of you growing in the Lord?

In fact, I want to take it further?  

WHO is in the way of you growing spiritually? 
Is it a friend, family member, work partner.  We have a number of potential attackers to our spiritual goal.  Paul tells us to mark those who claim to know Christ, yet choose to live a lifestyle that is against Him.(Romans 16:17)  We are to notice them, and to make a conscience choice to…AVOID THEM!  Wow!  Strong words.  We are to avoid those who live a lifestyle against God.  

Right now…who is standing in your way of growing spiritually?  I bet if we were to budget our relationships, and follow the precepts of scripture of avoiding putting people close to us that go against our goals of spiritual growth, we just might make some advances!

Go after the lost!  Love all!  Avoid those that are tearing you down spiritually!


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