Monday, September 22, 2014

Leaders—what’s the purpose of your gifts?

Ephesians 4:12

For the PERFECTING of the saints
For the WORK of the ministry
For the EDIFYING of the body of Christ

Greek word:      kat-ar-tis-mos'              (Meaning to “completely equip”)

*The purpose of the gifted leaders is to completely equip or give tools to help the body of Christ do the Work of the Ministry.

Greek word:      er'-gon                         (Meaning “occupation”)

*The work each Christian ought to be involved in is for the UNITY of the believer in the cause of Christ.
**Unity means to be unanimous in choice.  We may not have the same personality, but we must be willing to make the same choice about biblical living.
***The effort or Work of the Ministry is the hard work ethic of making biblical decisions rather than allowing our flesh to choose for us.

Greek word:      oy-kod-om-ay'           (Meaning “structure / or to build”)

*As we engage in the work of Christ, the body of Christ must be structured/equipped appropriately.  This structure is based on the Bible, and given by those that are gifted in areas of teaching, proclaiming, etc.  

It is important to remember the end goal of all gifts, and for the gathering of believers on different occasions:  it is to structure our hearts and gifts (edifying) to effectively occupy our lives for the sake of the Kingdom (work), and to receive the tools necessary through teaching, motivation, and encouragement to do so (perfecting).

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